“Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty.” - Author Unknown

Erika’s Dance Studio is Simply Dance

We at Erika’s Dance Studio believe in keeping things simple and affordable. We help you give your children the gift of dance by making it easier. What’s the difference with Erika’s Dance Studio?

No Expensive Competitions

Don’t worry about paying a fortune for dance competition submissions, hotels, and travel fees. Our Simply Dance mantra includes an annual dance recital to show-off the girls’ technique. This gives them stage experience without venturing far from home and deep into your pocket.

No Special Dance-Wear Required

We’ll never ask you to over-indulge in a one-time use performance costume or expensive daily dance apparel. Our easy-to-follow dress code is affordable and practical.

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Children from ages 3-17 can participate in comprehensive foundational dance training. We also offer intensive Buy generic cialis gold online canada classes for teenagers to bridge the gap between foundational dance and high school.

We’ll Keep You Informed

This website is updated frequently and dedicated to helping you find everything you need to get started, stay informed throughout the year, and help your child learn and grow to love dance as much as we do!

2016 – 2017 Registration is Now Open!

Don’t wait until spaces are full! Register now for classes starting September 6th. Want to know more first? See our Clomid buy online along with links to more detailed information. Or get to know Buy online lasix for sale.

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